In today's digital world it is possible to find/capture information on the internet about almost anyone. Any individual, organisation or the government can use the internet as a tool to capture messages, e-mails, photos, files or phone calls from other people.
NaviChat is a simple lightweight program that allows you to send/receive messages in a secure and encrypted way, which makes it impossible to capture this information.

How does it work ?
Every single message is encrypted with a unique key that only the sender and receiver have stored on their computer. Even we don't know the keys that are used for decryption. There is no server that stores the keys or history in any way. Only you and your contact have access to these messages.
The beauty of this method is that if we receive any request from the government or any organisation to supply them with information, we simply cannot do that because we do not store any history on our servers. Even more important is the fact that we also do not store any of the keys needed to decrypt the messages.

What type of encryption is being used ?

We use a custom made encryption type based on the RC5 algorithm. Nothing is being stored server-side. All messages that are sent through the program are encrypted and decrypted client side.

The idea behind NaviChat

Our priority is privacy. We started building NaviChat after word came out that the American government uses something called PRISM to monitor and capture massive amounts of (internet) data. This includes e-mails, browsing history, search results, phone logs and location information for example. We can imagine that you value your privacy. You would rather not have the messages you send to family, friends or co-workers to become publicly known. Pictures your wife sends you, videochats with family abroad or sensitive documents are not for everyone's eyes to see. Does this mean that you have something to hide ? Perhaps.. But even if you don't, you still have a right to privacy. Even on the internet.
The idea was to build a program with which we could exchange messages, documents or photos in a secure manner. More importantly, build it so that we don't store any information ourselves. This way we can never be forced to give up data to any organisation, simply because we do not have it. The only thing we store are the unique numbers which the program uses to add and recognize contacts.

The advantages of using NaviChat
NaviChat uses a unique number that is generated the first time you start the program. This number is basically your contact number. Other users have to add you by using this number. You can assign any alias/name you want per number.
Some more features of the program:
- You only receive messages from contacts you have approved (no spam)
- Your messages and files are stored encrypted locally
- The encrypted files cannot be used on any other computer
- Add/Delete/Block contacts
- Send/Receive files
- Delete chat history
- Search through chat history

The future of NaviChat
NaviChat is not a finished product. At the moment it's main features are mentioned above. If NaviChat proves to be a wanted program/service we will continue to add new secure features like:
- Audio/Video messaging
- Group messaging
- Scheduled messaging
- Mobile versions (iOS/Android/WP apps)

This program can be used as-is. The user that uses this program cannot claim any responsibility to the creators or distributors of this program.